For the people of South Cotabato, Lake Sebu is life-giving.

The ayungin pino is a type of fish that's relatively smaller in comparison to other fishes caught in the sea. It's also made into a local delicacy in Tanay, Rizal.

Camarines Sur is becoming one of the more recognized ecotourism destinations in the country.

In Quezon, Bukidnon, there are strong communities of lumad or the indigenous people. One of the lumad in Quezon is the Manobo.

The most famous sanctuaries for tarsiers are located in Bohol. But in South Cotabato, there’s also a tarsier sanctuary in the foot of Mt. Matutum, at Brgy. Linan in Tupi.

In the mountains of Paquibato District, Davao City, tribal warfare is a reality.

Located in Ilocos Norte, Bacarra is distinguished for their exported goods like the katukung (gourd hats), buktu (tiny gobyfish), bagbadyok (edible algae) and so on. 

Any Filipino can now become local ambassadors of their respective hometowns as Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) opens its Doon Po Sa Amin (DPSA) online competition to everyone. DPSA is the country's biggest and longest-running crowd sourced community mapping activity, organized by the telco leader under its Smart Schools Program.

Bonok-bonok Festival celebrates the cultural heritage of the Mamanwas, one of the indigenous tribes in Surigao. 

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